Master-Class in Field Force Effectiveness Workshop London UK September 2021

Is a traditional pharmaceutical field force still effective in 2016-2017?  What are the current barriers to field force effectiveness?  What is making them less effective?  The Master-Class in Field Force Effectiveness Workshop will examine and answer these questions and more.  During this two-day workshop you will learn how to best identify the key field force skills/competencies that drive success today!   On day one we will how to identify the key skills/competencies/behaviours that drive success and how to most effectively ensure that training is focused and effective in developing those key skills/competencies/behaviours so that we are in fact driving success in a new era of market challenges.   On day two we will explore the role of the manager in driving field force, including their roles as business manager, leaders, coaches and change agents.  In addition, we will explore how to best track, measure, motivate and sustain optimal field force performance.


Some Key Discussion Topics


How to Identify and Train Key Field Force Skills/Competencies/Behaviours

The Role of Sales Management in Driving and Sustaining Change in the Field Force

Key Account Management Effectiveness

The “Magnify Change Leadership” Self-Assessment model

How to Sustain Field Force Effectiveness Training




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    The field force continues to be the largest investment pharmaceutical companies make. That investment includes the cost of hiring, salaries, benefits, training, and more! This Master-class will help you ensure that this huge investment generates the return needed to drive organizational effectiveness, despite the relentless pace of change in today’s pharmaceutical environment. Participants will leave prepared to ensure that they know the key skills/behaviours/competencies that drive success in today’s health-care environment.


    95% of Attendees recommend this highly interactive Masterclass



Optional Workshop Aids / Performance Tools:


Participants complete a “learning journal” to capture their thoughts and plans – Participant Guide.
Hallmarks of Coaching Excellence Survey to evaluate coaching skills.
KAM Simulated Case Studies that drive   training excellence.
Magnify Change Leadership:  Leading Teams in Times of Change – workbook containing 30+ ideas, templates and tools for leading teams during times of change
Hallmarks of Coaching Excellence – booklet containing coaching tips to improve coaching excellence
Field Force Survey Guide Examples for discovering key behaviors/competencies that drive field force effectiveness.
Guides include representative, headquarter and customer survey questions.


Who Should Attend


Head or Director of:



Training and Development

Business Unit



Field Force

First Line Manager

Business Excellence

Customer Strategy




Commercial Intelligence


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