Doing Business in Africa Masterclass

Course Overview: 

 According to The Africa Competitiveness Report 2013 put together by the World Economic Forum, The World Bank, The African Development Bank and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, there is a growing international attention focused on Africa as an investment destination and mounting talk of an African economic renaissance. The report emphasised the enthusiasm in global players driven by ten years of increased strong growth in Africa amidst the global economic crises that other continents of the world have faced. With over a billion people and averaging growth rates of over 5 percent in the last decade, it is a business destination of immense potentials. However, several companies, organisations or individuals overseas do not understand how to explore, enter or grow in this market. This course provides useful information and even access to contacts that will help the achievement of this.


Names and Profiles of Trainers:




Dr. Akanimo Odon is an international business and strategy development expert who has gained experience working in several capacities to several global and international bodies. His links and business networks span over 20 African countries. He was an Adviser to the British Government on developing international education policies, International Ambassador for Lancaster University for two years, Education Partnership Consultant for British Council, Business Development Consultant for the Grow Creative Scheme under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for two years and a Business Strategy Adviser for several top international and African organisations. Dr. Odon also holds a master degree plus an enterprise and business development certifications from Cambridge University UK and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, and International Award from Stanford University Business School, USA. He was the principal local content adviser for one of the world largest Oil and Gas firms (BG Group) and provided advice on local content strategy, capacity building, policy development and market entry for their West African operations. 







 Matthew has been involved in a number of senior positions in both the public and private sector and graduating with an MBA in 2000.  Matthew is involved in international recruitment and partnerships working primarily in Africa. He has an extensive knowledge and networks in many African countries. Africa has proved valuable experience for Matthew and he was part of the British Council Nigeria Advisory Group. Matthew has spoken at many Africa related events being closely involved in an input to and setting of recruitment strategies for a large number of organisations with a keen interest in the African market. 


Dr Larry Jones-Esan is the VP Academic Development University of Entrepreneurship (Virtual), President and the Director of Studies of the London Academy Business School with branches in Dubai, Nigeria and UK. He is an entrepreneur, a business consultant, Information Technology Professional, a Certified IT Trainer and a seasoned practitioner. He holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and Doctor of Philosophy degree in International Business Management (PhD), Master of Education (M.Ed). Postgraduate degrees in Educational Leadership and Management (PGD), and Postgraduate in Information Technology PGDIT from Royal Melbourne Information Technology in Melbourne, Australia, International School Management Paris and Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (PGD). BSc  (Hons) hospitality management.



Jerry is the Founder / CEO – Sochitel Group (MTN Group Global Remittance Partners) Jerry started his early career as a lawyer but soon found his niche in the telecoms industry. He implemented a West African distribution corridor for NERA (Immarsat) satellite systems and co-founded Roam4less Ltd, a USSD prepaid roaming platform provider to African Network Operators. Jerry took a leading role with Nomi Global, to develop emerging Market opportunities with particular emphasis on Africa. It was there, that he signed the first African network contract to develop the overseas channel potential for MTN Africa. In 2007 Jerry founded Nomiworld Ltd (Africa) and Sochitel to focus completely on the emerging international remittances industry. Today Sochitel represents MTN Group in UK, USA, Canada, Europe and South Africa as a Global Remittance Partner.


Course Objectives/methodology:


During this highly interactive seminar you will 


  • Learn the fundamentals of doing business in Africa
  • Discover the latest opportunities and challenges in Africa
  • Hear real life case studies from several industries including Energy, Environment and sustainability, oil and gas/mining, maritime, telecommunication, fmcg, IT etc
  • Hear specific opportunities and how businesses can take advantage of these opportunities
  • Gain detailed insights by participating in panel discussions & roundtable sessions
  • Understand the key principles in growing your business in Africa
  • Network with industry leaders and peers
  • Understand how to deal with the challenging issues that commonly arise when entering this market
  • Develop, Learn and share knowledge, best practices and bring ideas to reality
  • Discuss and obtain the knowledge to make better business decisions
  • Explore practical entry models used for different industries
  • Find out models of strategic development of local partnerships, risk controlled marke entry models and business development 

The workshop seminar is a full two day course and it exposes participants to the fundamentals of doing business and growing their businesses in Africa. 

The intensive session focuses on case studies deriving from industries including Environment and Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas/Mining, Education and Training, Creative Media, Consumer goods, telecommunications and information technology and hospitality. 

The session details specific opportunities across these industries and how businesses can take advantage of these opportunities highlighting models of strategic development of local partnerships, risk controlled market entry models and business development.


Who should attend:


Target participants are individuals, companies and organisations interested in exploring, entering or growing in the African market. They could either have a minimal or working knowledge of the African market or no knowledge at all. The course is very strategic as it highlights innovative models of doing business that has been built by experiences.


Other Benefits:


On the back of the course, participants will be able to access a highly subsidised consultancy service to assist them in taking advantage of African markets using our extensive network of consultants who are resident both in the UK and in various African countries.
Range of services to be rendered include carrying out feasibility studies, development of business & marketing plans, sourcing of, and introduction to, strategic local partners – including top client executives and governmental personnel, co-ordination of country visits, management of trade missions, assisting with overseas office set up, sourcing for liaison personnel, staff recruitment etc.


Potential target markets:


Nigeria, Ghana,  Sierra Leone, Liberia, South Africa, Togo, Benin Republic, Tanzania, Angola, Mali, Kenya, The Gambia, Angola,


Case studies:


Case Studies would be from different industries including media, education, technology, telecommunications, environment and sustainability, energy, oil and gas, non-governmental organisations and FCMG.


Some supporting organisations:   


Media partners:



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