Aircraft Finance September 2021 London UK



Join senior executives of airlines on the exclusive aircraft finance summit which will focus on aircraft funding methods, financing options and the impact of current and future regulations in the lending sector and several other crucial issues. Industry experts will examine the processes that improve return on investment and you will learn the best practices for financing and acquiring aircraft whilst networking and expanding your


Reason to attend


  • Exploring the sustainability of current aircraft finance business models
  • Examining the leasing and used aircraft market as a source of finance
  • Meet and network with new potential investors into aviation
  • Merits of organic growth VS M&A
  • Recognize where the capital is likely to come from: a geographical breakdown
  • Reaching out to emerging economies for sources of finance
  • Best practices in structuring and pricing aircraft backed loans
  • Diversifying financing options in a downturn
  • Banking perspective on aircraft finance and liquidity


Who you will meet

CEO’s / directors of airlines

CFO’s/Heads of Finance of airlines

Investment bankers

Insurance companies

Lawyers/ legal advisors

Aircraft manufacturers


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